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$15.00 USD
*Guidelines must be followed precisely. $15 reading fee is non-refundable. Reading fee must be paid through Submittable. Your e-mail address must be entered at time of payment as it identifies your manuscript.  

Specific Manuscript Guidelines: 

1) Be sure to fill out name, mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number (in case we have questions) fields. Fill out the cover letter field and state that the poetry you are submitting is your original work, and that you currently hold rights to it. (Simultaneous submissions are accepted; notify us immediately if manuscript is accepted elsewhere. Reading fee non-refundable.)

2) Send manuscript in a single Word document attachment. On the Title Page, list contact information again (name, mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number) in lower right-hand corner. Place the manuscript title in the middle of the title page in larger, bold type. Throughout the manuscript, use Times New Roman (or a similar font) in 12-point size (excepting title). Please use Word’s option to number the document pages if possible. Encircle Publications editors’ decision regarding manuscript disposition is final.  
3) Include a Dedication Page (optional).  
4) Include an Acknowledgements Page for any work that has been previously published (online or in print). Follow standard form for acknowledgements; list previous publications in alphabetical order by name of publication. Hypothetical acknowledgements might read as follows: The author wishes to acknowledge the editors of the following publications in which these poems appeared, some in slightly different versions: 123PoetryOnline: “Poetry Walk”; LMNOP Quarterly: “Summer Solstice”; XYZ Magazine: “Spring Fever”.
5) Include a Contents Page listing poem titles in order of appearance in manuscript.
6) Include 22–49 pages of poetry at 34 lines (including stanza breaks) maximum per page. (Poems can be longer or shorter than 34 lines, but only use 34 lines maximum per page out of 26 pages total; in other words, a poem may run on to a second or third page if necessary. For wide/prose poems, maximum character width is 75. Double-check any epigraphs, quotations, dates or real place names for accuracy (if accepted, publisher may ask for citations on such if necessary).


Poetry may be theme-related. We have no specifications for subject matter; we will be looking for finely-crafted poetry that speaks to a broad audience. We will also look for a cohesive collection. Keep “sections” to a minimum if you must break your manuscript into sections. Our tastes lean toward non-rhyming free verse, but we appreciate finely-written poetry in traditional forms. It's a good idea to purchase a chapbook or two (choose print or digital versions) from our online bookstore to get a feel for the quality we're looking for.



If we choose your manuscript for publication, we will notify you via email within twelve months of submission. We will request a bio and author photo suitable for the chapbook. When the manuscript is in its final edited form, author will be provided with a PDF ARC (Advance Release Copy) of the manuscript and will be asked to secure at least two “blurbs” from a well-known poet, publisher or editor to be used on the back cover.

Author will receive five copies of book upon publication. In addition, the author may purchase additional copies at 50% off retail price (plus minimal shipping) while under contract with Encircle Publications. Information on chapbook and ordering will be made available on our website. Encircle Publications, LLC will market the book via our website, publishing organizations we belong to, social media and our email list.  Upon publication, 10% royalties on retail price will be paid (biannually beginning in June of the year following publication) to the author from any books sold by Encircle Publications.

We will provide Author with a pdf of sell sheet for e-mailing and online promotion which he/she may print additional copies of if desired. Author is strongly encouraged to support their book through public readings and can purchase promotional materials (color copies of sell sheet, reading posters, bookmarkers and or postcards) from publisher at a reasonable cost.

Encircle Publications, LLC is solely responsible for design/production/setting retail price of chapbook. Accepted chapbooks will be professionally printed and perfect-bound with fine endpapers. Author will be asked to sign a five-year exclusive contract stating terms.

Open Submission/Reading Schedule: Two reading periods per year will be four months each followed by two months allotted for manuscript selection, editing, production, marketing, printing and publication.

Reading Period #1 runs from January 1–April 30th with a targeted publication date of the following May*.

Reading Period #2 runs from July 1–October 31 with a targeted publication date of the following November*.

*We will reply in twelve months, maximum, depending on number of submissions each period, which may slightly alter targeted publication dates.

By submitting to Encircle Publications you agree to opt-in to our email list. (We do not share this information and you can opt-out at any time).

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